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Where the early members of the Seymour family came from is not known, but by the time they became the Dukes of Somerset, they are based mostly in Wiltshire. The earliest record is of Wido Seymour, and while we have records of him and his decendants, their dates are unknown. Therefore records of them in this web site can only be estimated.

During the period that they had become the Dukes of Somerset (and many other titles), they had a palace built in London, which is still standing, called 'Somerset House'.


Probably the most notible member of this Seymour family, is Jane Seymour, one of King Henry VIII's six wives.

Later one of the Seymours married into the prominent Thynne family, the family name of the Lord Bath's and Viscount Weymouth's of Longleat, Wiltshire.

The connection with the Sumner (Somner) family and the Seymour's is via Elizabeth Somner's marriage to Daniel Webb, whose daughter, Mary Webb married the 8th Duke of Somerset. It was around this time that records show that the Sumner surname was being spelt in three ways - Sumpner, Sumner and Somner.

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